The successful management of any wildlife area is a complex and difficult task with many facets and different interests. The scale of operations can be daunting and requires many eyes and hands to get the necessary work done. Kanaan welcomes guests who want to be actively involved in almost any of the duties which sound management requires, and those that want to experience the desert first-hand. During your visit, help the local team record wildlife information that contributes to the long-term management of the area. The main flagship species are Cheetah, Brown hyena, Spotted Hyena, Leopard and a range of desert-adapted wildlife species. We’re starting from scratch, so visitors can really make an impact.

Kanaan (and part of neighbouring farm Vergenoeg) provides 352km2 of stunning desert scenery. The farm features all the iconic vistas that Namibia is world-famous for and hence has been used for professional film and photo shoots. Throw in some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife and you’ve got the perfect combination for photographic and research adventures. Kanaan’s environment entails a spectacular mix of red sand dunes, imposing mountain ranges, vast grass plains and old camel thorn trees. In addition, Kanaan directly borders the Namib Naukluft Park and therefore provides an important link for landscape scale wildlife conservation.

Here volunteers will become first-hand involved in conservation through the research and monitoring of free-ranging carnivores.
• Mapping.
• Capture Mark Release
• Radio Telemetry Tracking
• Game Count
• Camera Trapping
• Cheetah Feed
• Maintenance and Security
Research work can be combined with any safari extension. Please see the Namibia Safari sections for more information.

For more information contact the Namibia Vet Safari team at info@namibiavetsafaris.com