Wildlife Vet Experience

Wildlife Veterinary Program
The 10-day Wildlife Veterinary Program is specifically designed for students in the veterinary field wishing to gain more insight into the world of veterinary care on a wildlife sanctuary. This experience is run three times a year and is based at N’a/an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary. This course can be combined with a short safari in Namibia or with a visit to one of the other Wildlife Sanctuaries in Namibia.
The veterinary course will be held during the annual check-up of N’a/an ku sê’s many animals, and veterinary students can expect to be taught and trained for wildlife capture, behaviour, anaesthesia and health checks. A maximum of 10 students are accommodated to ensure that all students get the maximum exposure and hands on experience.
This experience is offered on specified dates over a fourteen-day period in which day 1 and day 14 will be reserved for arrivals and departures, with a possible off-weekend in between. During the ten experience days, participants will work alongside and learn from the resident veterinarians.

The experience focuses on practical wildlife work and depending on the work available it could include as example:
• Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Caracal immobilisations
• Rhino veterinary and research work
• Post-mortems
• Primate vet procedures
• Equine and goat/sheep vet work
• Lectures and presentations about wildlife capture, behaviour and anaesthesia
• Genetic Sampling and Processing
• On an ad hoc basis, participating in other veterinary activities that may arise. This could include the capture, collaring or movement of wildlife
• Dart gun practical
• Extra fun activities like telemetry tracking and game drives etc.
Please note: The experience itinerary is not set in stone, changes are possible, depending on veterinary care required by animals or emergencies.
It is the responsibility, but above all the passion, of the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary to afford every animal the best quality of life, rigorously monitoring their health and meticulously maintaining both their physical and emotional wellbeing. The dedicated N’a/an ku sê veterinary team intervenes where necessary on a daily basis, with each animal also undergoing stringent annual check-ups. Each day the resident veterinarian oversees addressing any health or behavioural issues. The annual check-ups involve all animals being anaesthetized, weighed, checked, vaccinated, sampled and any health issues addressed. This health check also allows the veterinary team to implant their contraception, collect data and samples for research purposes, collect blood for a general check-up and address dental issues.

Namibia Vet Safaris Wildlife Veterinary Programme- Upcoming dates:

• 17/02/2020-28/02/2020
• 20/04/2020-01/05/2020
• 14/09/2020-25/09/2020
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For more information contact the Namibia Vet Safari team at info@namibiavetsafaris.com