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Zoja V: July 2019
‘It’s personal and filled with learning experiences. You get to meet so many amazing people, kind and generous and moreover do unforgettable vet stuff you could only do in Namibia. Working alongside a true rural vet gives you opportunities that will stick with you after you go home. People are trust worthy, the nature is breathtaking and its animals amazing. You get your hands on both wildlife as well as cattle work or cats, dogs. It’s a vet practice like no other as you can experience more than your mind could imagine. The right people are already there, you just have to join them.’

Ilke: August 2019
I absolutly loved my time in Namibia and wish I could just have stayed there!
I learned a lot from lyndsay, not only vet related but life lessons and mentality as well. I also like the conservation part and the honesty of you both about the reality of beïng a wildlife vet.

I realised that wildlife work is indeed not always the big and glamorous animals but more about the ones who are endangered or misunderstood, and of course conservation work. You can not predict which kinds of animals you are going to come in contact with and will be trying to help. To me now that is what makes it even more special. I really enjoyed my stay and the reality about it. Also being one on one with a vet gives you more chances to learn, and it made me feel like I was just a student from africa who was interning. Being surrounded by the incredible people I met on this journey made me happy and positive as well!

Finally after this trip I can say that: I as well have fallen in love with the pangolin!